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Dedicated to solve sofa & couch problems for 20 years.

Customer satisfaction is always cared by heart.

While people are thinking of replacement, we clean, fix , protect, restore and re-upholster the sofa. With over 20 years experience of caring luxury leather sofa and couch,  we love to take challenges that other technicians hate to do.  Just call or Whatsapp  us a photo and  you will get a quick quote to make your sofa looking nice again!
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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa looks old and shabby because it is covered by heavy dirt. If we clean it thoroughly, your sofa will most likely be restored to a very decent condition. Just Whatsapp us a sofa photo and your lovely furniture will be reborn!

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Sofa Repair

We can fix all kind of leather sofa surface to the extent that you will not be aware of the damage.

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We source the top quality leather all over the world and provide a lot of selection for re-upholstering your furniture.

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Sofa re-colour

Leather furniture can be brought back to life by recoloring it. It costs at least 50% less than re-upholstery.

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Sofa machanism repairing

The internal parts, stitching, motor, the fame and the whatever has problem that preventing you enjoying your sofa, we can fix them properly

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Leather consultancy

If you need the proper advice for solving leather problem or giving a long life to you leather item, just give us a call

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Leather Protection

Protect your leather to make it last long.

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Sunrise Chan

Chief Technician

Sunrise Chan have been working in the leather sofa caring industry for 20 years. First, he was working with one of the best international leather caring factory, Uniters S.p.A. From this experience, he learnt a lot about leather and leather caring. Then, he started to solve all the leather problems in the Asia-Pacific region. As he was one of the best leather guy in this area, he was frequently invited to hold seminars and training course for hotels, such as the Mandarin Oriental, furniture chain stores, furniture factories and car dealer in the region. He is excellent in the following aspect: 1. Leather problem solving He had been successfully assisting Emporio Armani, Gucci, Prada, Hermes, Tumi, Samsonite and other big brands to solving their leather problem. 2. Trainer He had consulted a large number of leather training course for furniture factories, 4S shops, furniture retailers and hotels. 3. Leather cleaning, repair and renew He had led a team for technicians to provide professional leather cleaning, repairing and renovation service in Hong Kong and China for more than 20 years for both the corporate and consumer market. He is now working closely with our service team to provide professional service in the furniture caring market.

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