Sofa  Cleaning

We clean all kind of leather furniture. As we know leather well, we can clean leather effectively but without damaging it. 

The following cleaning service is provided:

Stains removing

1. Food and drinks

2. Any human or pet bodily fluids

3. Cosmetics

4. Grease and tar

5. Soap and shampoo

6. Ink

7. Wax and Wax polish

8. Blue jean dye

Deep cleaning

Sofa or couch will be cleaned thoroughly a few times until all dirt have been removed. A heavy dirt sofa can become nearly new again. 

Mould Killing

Remove and kill the mould  so that it will not appear again. This is once and for all treatment.

Odour removing

Unlike  other provider in the market, they cover the bad smell with a stronger pleasant smell. The unpleasant smell will come back after the pleasant smell  disperses. We use a professional product and advanced technique to neutralize the unpleasant smell and  it will be completely removed.